05 November 2012

Implementation of Soccer Fitness

The project directs its focus at a welfare policy tendency towards involving volunteer organisations, including those involved with sports, in creating solutions to social welfare problems such as obesity, inactivity and marginalisation.

Sports and fitness organisations and the local sports clubs should be part of creating versatile and diverse offerings, motivating citizens to move more and exercise more than they otherwise would.

DBU has developed the concept ”Soccer Fitness” based on research from the Copenhagen University Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, which has shown that soccer can be used as exercise for many ’new’ target groups, with significant health effects. The concept began being implemented in local clubs across the country as of 2012, which means data may ultimately be collected from 1600 sports clubs around Denmark.

The overall goal of the project is to generate sociological knowledge around the implementation of Soccer Fitness and the health-promoting prospects participants can achieve as a result of a potential lifestyle change through participation.

The implementation process will be examined from an organisational perspective, mostly with the help of case studies and surveys (Part 1). The focus will be on how implementation works in practice, and how it affects the local soccer clubs in relation to their organisational structure and culture. The local implementation will also be examined from a participant perspective, including field studies, focus groups and individual interviews (Part 2) where the focus is on whether the participants will remain part of the local club’s projects, and if so, what relationship there is between the project’s form and the retention of the participants, as well as the creation of social capital.