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About the Centre

Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health brings together multidisciplinary expertise in the area of team sports and health under one roof, with experts in research, communication and teaching. Our goal is to develop the most effective and motivational training from a health perspective, to create strategies for training recruitment and retention, and to encourage a physically active lifestyle.

Our ambition is to reach the many citizens who want to be physically active, but cannot currently find activities suited to their needs. We work in close cooperation with local authorities and sports organizations.

To succeed, the Centre for Team Sport and Health must make a significant difference to public health in Denmark by offering attractive and workable training services for municipalities, companies, sports agents and private providers. The results must include major preventive and disease treatment effects.

From students to cleaning women to elderly men

Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health has 12 projects, each covering its own focus area.

Copenhagen Centre for Team Sport and Health

The centre is located at the newly merged Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen and is headed by Professor Jens Bangsbo.


The Centre for Team Sport and Health has been established on the basis of a major grant (DK33 million) from the Nordea-fonden.